Final Publication

The final publication for the Gournia Excavation Project is forthcoming.  

The Project will have post-excavation study seasons in the summers of 2015-2017.

For a preliminary report about our excavations, see Hesperia 84 (3).

Publication Team:

Drexel Axeloons - Area Em (Metal Workshop)

Tristan Barnes - Area Em (Metal Workshop)

Sabine Beckmann - Ethnography

Rafal Bienkowski - Computer modeling, photogrammetry

                                   & area topography

Jorge Botero Besadalombana - Computer modeling &


D. Matthew Buell - Architecture, Area Ep (Pit House &

                                   Open Area), House He & ground &

                                   chipped stone

Anne Chapin - Plaster material

Joann Cutler - Loomweights, spindle whorls & other

                           ceramic weights

Dallas DeForest - Area Em (NW South Area)

Matt Dysart - Faunal (bone) remains

Don Evely - Metal objects, metallurgical ceramics &

                      metallurgical debris

Scott Gallimore - SW Palace, Palace Storerooms,

                                Palace Court, Dump

Kevin Glowacki - Central Palace, Palace Storerooms,

                                Palace Tower

Kapua Iao - Stone vessels

Matt Jameson - Area Em (NW South Area)

Agnieszka Kaliszewska - North Trench

Brian Kunkel - House Aa, Area Eq (Kilns), Areas

                            Er & Ia (Northeast Area) & Roads

Marta Lorenzon - Mudbrick

Evi Margaritis - Floral material

Floyd McCoy - Geoarchaeology

John McEnroe - Architecture

Dimitria Mylona - Faunal (fish bone) remains

Laura Nerling - Figurines & jewelry/beads

Maria Ntinou - Charcoal material

David Reese - Faunal (shell) remains

R. Angus K. Smith - NP & Mycenaean pottery &

                                     House He

L. Vance Watrous - Neolithic-PP pottery, Cemetery &

                                    pottery production finds

John Younger - Area Eo (NW North Area) &

                             seals/inscriptions/pot marks

Support Staff (2017):

Kapua Iao - Project organizer, Registrar

Laura Nerling - Stoa manager

Janet Spiller - Photographer

Architecture assistants: Guilia Heinritzi, Catherine Leisser 

                                            & Karl Racine

Plaster assistants: Zoie Petrakis & Lizzy Williams

Pottery assistants: Elliott Fuller, Cody Haynes, Olivia 

                                  Holcombe, Danielle Houltberg, Sarah 

                                  Jane Jupp, Ed Middleton, Kyla 

                                  Strid Ana Wagner

Registration assistants: Kelsea Dawn, Kacia Kroczak &

                                            Catherine Stram (also w/ 


Support Staff (2016):

Kapua Iao - Project organizer, Registrar

Laura Nerling - Stoa manager

Janet Spiller - Photographer

Katie Cook - Conservationist

Carly Henkel - Flotation manager (also w/ Architecture)

Architecture assistant: Catherine Stram (also w/ Stoa)

Plaster assistants: Chrisley Benton, Michelle Gaskin 

                                  & Zoie Petrakis

Pottery assistants: Frederick Beal, Alex Felts, Elliott Fuller,

                                   Nicole Garnett, Cody Haynes, Olivia 

                                   Holcombe, Sarah Jane Jupp, Nadine 

                                   Kennedy, Amanda Lindsay, Angela

                                   Murock Hussein, Sarah Libby Sanders 

                                   & Ana Wagner

Registration assistants: Claire Dunne, Cole Furrh, Alexa 

                                            Laharty Alex Magnani

Stoa assistant: Dean Mobley

Support Staff (2015):

Kapua Iao - Project organizer, Registrar

Kiernan Acquisto-Axeloons - Assistant registrar

Laura Nerling - Stoa manager

Janet Spiller - Photographer

Megan O'Connor - Conservationist

Carly Henkel - Flotation manager

Database assistant: Allie Calderon

Faunal assistant: Taylor Dilliott

Lithics assistant: Jordan Dills

Plaster assistants: Maria Bika, Kristina Boudali &

                                  Michelle Gaskin

Pottery assistants: Katie Cook, Sarah Jane Jupp, Maira

                                   Kaye & Ana Wagner

Registration assistants: Lydia Baas & Lauren West

Stoa assistant: Dean Mobley

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