Tom Brogan  Director
Eleanor Huffman – Assistant Director
Kelly Caldwell – Conservation 2010
Kathy Hall – Conservation 2011-Present
Stephania Chlouveraki  Site Conservation
Chronis Papanikolopoulos – Photographer
Doug Faulmann  Illustrator
Lily Bonga - Illustrator  

INSTAP Study Center for East Crete

PO Box 364

Pacheia Ammos

Ierapetra 72200


Front Entrance to INSTAP Study Center 

 Located on a hill overlooking Pacheia Ammos and directly between the village and Gournia site, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP Study Center), open year round, is perfectly situated to take care of all our archaeological and research-based needs.

The Center is also host to several other projects along with

ours during summers, including the Azoria, Mochlos, and

Petras projects. Independent scholars frequently visit and

use the facilities as well.  The Center is continuously busy,

especially during the summers.

Lectures and events over the summer encourage mingling

between projects and Center personnel, helping to create 

an environment well-suited for scholars and students from 

around the world.

At the Center, our project does all of the post-processing

work (see list below). While some staff can be seen working 

at the Center all day long on a variety of very important

tasks for both Registration and the Stoa, most personnel

for the Project are in the field for most of the day, coming in 

each afternoon to work a two-hour shift

Gournia Pottery on Drying Racks in the Lower Courtyard 

Kristen Smith and Dominique Lavoie Cleaning Plaster inside the Stoa (2012) 

Post-Processing Duties Include

~ Finds Washing                                           

~ Pottery Sorting & Analysis 

~ Soil Flotation and Sediment Sorting

~ Cataloguing

~ Researching

~ Conservation

~ Floral and Faunal Analysis

~ Object Photography

~ Database Entry

~ Object Storage

View of the Exterior Courtyard and Stoa (courtesy of Matthew Dysart) 

View of the Interior Courtyard (courtesy of Matthew Dysart)