Volunteering for the 2017 Study Season

We have finalized our plans for our (final) 2017 study season and are finished hiring volunteer support. 

If you are interested in going on our waiting list, please check our possible positions below and fill out the volunteer

 application at the bottom of the page. And if you have any questions, please contact Kapua Iao.


Our dates are June 12-July 22, 2017.

Funding may not be available through the Project.

Note that all personnel for the Gournia Excavation Project must be able to work the hours and tasks required, 

including going into the field or helping wherever needed, if asked.  We expect all personnel to conduct themselves in a 

responsible & professional manner at all times, whether working at INSTAP, relaxing in Pacheia Ammos, or taking 

a trip.  Your behavior is a reflection on the Project and all archaeologists/visitors to the island. 

We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you do not live up to these basic obligations.  


Possible positions available:

  • Pottery Sorter - helping pottery analyzers set up pottery lots for analysis, organizing paperwork regarding lots and objects, and preparing finds for cataloguing or conservation; interest in Minoan pottery a plus, must be highly organized, and must be able to lift heavy bags/khlouvas
  • Plaster Cataloguer - researching and cataloguing plaster fragments from 2010-2014, cleaning and possibly mending pieces, and helping to properly store all (objects and bulk) fragments; experience with plaster not necessary but helpful
  • Stoa Helper - helping to track, retrieve, setup, and properly store bulk ceramics & lithics, ensuring that none of the many bags get separated from their deposits; aiding pottery sorting & Registration as needed; requires organizational skills, heavy lifting, and being on your feet for most of the day
  • Registration assistant - cataloguing ceramics from 2010-2014, helping with object & file storage, and other miscellaneous tasks in Registration; attention to detail necessary
  • Field helper - assisting the architecture team onsite (preparing walls and areas for photography as well as helping with the photography itself) as needed; must be able to work outdoors, be flexible, and learn quickly; experience with a computer and a camera helpful, but you will also learn as you go


GEP 2017 Volunteer Application

Position(s) you are interested in

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